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zen Platform

The zen Platform is the solution for the development of internet, intranet, web service or B2B applications with Java. Companies wishing to benefit from a flexible IT platform gain access to an ideal development and runtime environment for J2SE and J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Standard/Enterprise Edition).

Applications are modelled on the zen Platform using business processes (workflow) and business rules without the need for technical expertise. Our zen Developer enables you to design, develop and maintain these processes in an intuitive graphic development environment. Of course direct J2EE access remains possible for Java experts to any extent.


The zen Platform's support of rapid application development (RAD) and rapid prototyping significantly increases the productivity of software planning, development and administration processes while at the same time shortening the training time for new projects. Even Java novices can develop a prototype of any application in a few minutes.

The runtime environment of the zen Platform and the JMX management console for administration and control form a stable and flexible platform for running your solutions.


Moreover, the zen Platform can be scaled in a transparent manner from a single system to a cluster of application servers, without having to modify the business logic.

Development duration and costs of IT projects are cut down by up to 80%! Costs for initial skill adaptation, training and customization decrease correspondingly. The enormous flexibility results in most varied deployment possibilities. » more

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