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Benefit: Focus on the Solution

During the initiation and development phase of new projects, a large part of the developer's working time is taken up by activities which do not directly contribute to the actual solution of the business task in question. His productivity is considerably lessened by the installation of necessary system software such as application servers and the familiarization with new specifications and their APIs.

Limitation to Essentials

The zen Platform enables you to once again concentrate on the business solution you are developing. Apart from the process-oriented clear structure of the system, it leads away from the technical complexity of the underlying systems and specifications and becomes more easily accessible to the developer.

Extensive Support

The zen Platform offers different effective ways of defining business logic and integrating it using automated procedures. The developer is able to fully concentrate on the solution of the respective business procedure and make use of the multiple possibilities offered by the zen Platform such as services, data consistency, easy resource localization and variable output channels. The future load requirements of an application are irrelevant for planning and developing purposes, because the zen Platform is scalable at will. This enables anyone to get started right away, even without extensive know-how of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) or knowledge of distributed applications, because the zen Platform reduces the complexity of J2EE tremendously.


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Benefits of the zen Platform

Focus on the Solution

Rapid Application Development

Intuitive Application Knowledge

Scaling to Your Needs

Variable Output Formats

Process Orientation

Separation of Concerns

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Less Downtime

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Data Consistency and Data Security

Comprehensive Services

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