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Benefit: Automated Business Logic

Business logic on the zen Platform is divided into different, logically separated categories and implemented into operations. Every operation can be linked with input and output data. Input data are automatically supplied when the operation is called, output data are automatically taken over into the data structure of the application when the operation is completed. The execution of operation basically distinguishes between:

  • Data dependent: These operations are executed automatically by the zen Engine, whenever data linked with them have changed.
  • Workflow dependent: These operations are executed automatically by the zen Engine at different defined execution points during the workflow.

Business Rules

The zen Platform makes business rules available with data driven operations, facilitating the personalization of processes, the automation of cross selling or the definition of the rules of a business domain. Each business rule is linked with the necessary input data in the zen Developer. The zen Platform automatically executes the rules at runtime when changes in the related input data occur.

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