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Benefit: Less Downtime

Server-based applications need maintenance. They require continuous adaptation to changed technical and business conditions. During the update phase, the availability of applications is often limited or even non-existent. In some applications this might lead to high downtime costs. The zen Platform enables you to make changes and adjustments while the application is running, and without interfering with it.

Model-Based Updates

The zen Platform is model-based. This means that the models can be updated during runtime with a simple click of a button - and the software keeps running without the user even becoming aware of the update process. New requests automatically run on the new models, 'old' requests continue to be processed on the basis of the 'old' models.

Selective Installation of Updates

Of course it is possible in cluster configuration to install updates only on individual machines during live operation, in order to test them prior to their final activation. Once the test has been passed, the update can be activated for standard operation at the touch of a button. Concurrently, during the test phase the software continues to operate on other computers of the cluster on the basis of the released models.


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