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Benefit: Reduced Complexity

The major criticism raised against the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is its complexity, and the fact that only experienced experts have the necessary knowledge to design and implement good solutions using it. This complexity mainly comes to bear in distributed applications.

Simple Approach

In order to allow others than experts to develop good scalable applications, the zen Platform provides simple and understandable interfaces encapsulating the complexity of local and distributed J2EE systems. The zen Developer turns the implementation of applications into simplicity itself, allowing you to fully concentrate on the solution.

Reduction of Complexity

The J2EE specification 1.4 describes a total of 17 different APIs each having their own specification which can be necessary in the development of an application. The zen Platform reduces this scope of complexity firstly by integrating the architectural specifications of J2EE with its optimated workflow model, and secondly by encapsulating the elementary service-oriented J2EE APIs necessary for the implementation of the business logic and making them available to the application developer on a single, very simple service layer. This eliminates the necessity for the developer to know every single specification whilst still granting more experienced developers the usual direct access to the individual J2EE APIs.

Development without Application Server

Usually project planning is followed by an extensive development setup. In this context a large portion of time and effort is devoted to the installation and configuration of application servers and servlet engines. In contrast to that, the zen Platform allows you to get started right away.

All necessary systems are automatically available. The development always takes place on the development machine. Even business critical applications to be used on application servers later can be developed and tested on the zen Developer without going to the trouble of installing an application server. No further software or hardware is required during development.


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