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Benefit: Intuitive Knowledge of the Application

In order to develop, maintain and modify applications or to train new employees you need profound knowledge of your application structure, the data models and especially the operating sequence of your application. This knowledge can be found in the program code itself, inside the developer's heads and, if any, in the project and application documentation.

Profound Understanding of Processes

Yet a glance at the documentation or the discussion with colleagues (taking up important resources), or even digging through the program code will not be sufficient to gain profound knowledge of the application. However, such knowledge is necessary for various reasons:

  • In the course of maintenance and support activities, especially after deployment and with the lapse of time more and more knowledge of the application gets lost. In this context, means for gaining quick and easy insights into the application can be very helpful.
  • Within the team and in the cooperation with partners, customers or the departments involved, profound knowledge of the application leads to more efficient work processes and prevents misunderstandings.
  • Later, the documentation will be the source of assistance, but often it does not reflect the most recent development stage.
  • Generally, a profound knowledge of the application results in considerably more efficient work processes and better applications.

Visualized Development Process

Together with the zen Developer, the zen Platform allows an extremely quick and effective acquisition of profound application knowledge. The visualization of the development process leads to a clearly improved understanding of the application:

  • The zen Developer offers the possibility of interactive graphic debugging. The animation of the application model not only enhances the gradual insight into the static structure, but specifically into the dynamic processes of the application. The visual feedback makes every application self-explanatory.
  • The intuitive graphic presentation together with the well-structured process logic enables developers or new colleagues to quickly understand any application or to brush up their knowledge for maintenance.
  • On the zen Platform the model is always the application. This is why the model documentation is always up-to-date.


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