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Benefit: Rapid Application Development

The increasing pace of change in the business world has also left its mark on the planning and implementation of projects. This is reflected in the growing acceptance of generally known models such as extreme programming or iterative procedures.

Rapid Results with zen

New procedures are aiming at the early prevention of abortive developments and at providing the flexibility to respond to current changes. This can be achieved with rapid prototyping using the zen Developer. So what you are creating is not just a prototype, but the actual application. The phase of rapid prototyping really is a phase of rapid application development (RAD).

Consultation with competent departments

The possibility of visualizing and executing every application during its design phase leaves room for discussions with partners, customers and the departments concerned in order to discover deficiencies and take action at an early stage. This allows you to stick to your project schedule and to considerably shorten the duration of the project while increasing the quality of its outcome.


Through visualization the zen Developer promotes a productive and intuitive way of working and reduces complexity. The extensive basic functionalities of the zen Platform allow to reduce the number of development steps. The zen Developer offers additional dynamic support during testing, enabling you to set breakpoints both graphically on a workflow level as well as within the specific business logic, and allowing real interactive testing and debugging. Prototypes can be ready in minutes and immediately be executed.


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